Coffee house J&T BANK Café

Cafe interior, which could be named “mountains and the stars”, is a project from the workshop of the architect Petr Hrůša and follows the very best of Brno functionalism. Building style is truly represented by the thick parts. There were used rare materials such as Makassar or Carrara marble in the interior of the cafe. Paintings of the Golden fields and mountains adorn the walls of cafe, and they are the work of the academic painter Markéta Jelenová

We hope that you will be enjoying unique experience while sitting in the most valuable architectural café area in Brno for excellent coffee, and that you’ll indulge there again.

The connection of the bank and the cafe in the same location requires the best of both. Following the refinement of interwar architecture originated in Brno office and commercial space Triniti palace, which has an architectural standpoint, clear view, even more, has a strong story. The everyday reality that surrounds us, stands out aware of what is truly important and valuable. The aesthetic experience of presence in this space inspires and encourages. Rocky core area and the mountains and horizons displayed on the walls are the outline of reality, which can be changed, just not stay in place, but go up to Golden fields and stellar sky.

Graphic order grows from a crystal stone in the central position. Colours of horizons in changing light refers to the functionalist legacy, that has just found its major development right in Brno. Coffee in a sense ceases to be purpose-built space and changes in the metaphorical space, aimed not on emphasizing exclusive and effective materials, but rather on inspiring those who join the café and banking principle and seek to shift current reality somewhere up to higher quality. I you climb from the stone ground to the floor, you find yourself in the stellar spheres reaching the Golden image field.

Unpretentious charm of the coffee house consist of the fact that imagery of space wins over its usefulness. This imagination force us to reconsider, makes awareness, activates the brain and eye connection. All this results in a simple and supremely comfortable feeling that this place is a positive, comfortable and inspiring.

Cofee house opening hours:
Monday – Friday: 8:00 – 20:00