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Technical dataBudova SO 002

Building facilities

  • Reception + security + 24-hour central supervision
  • CCTV cameras (main reception, garages, outside area)
  • stairway + 1x lift, 1000 kg between 1st and 7th + 1x lift , 675 kg between underground and ground floor. Lifts are connected via phone with reception
  • floor entry with door phone, chip card reader, electromagnetical lock on doors
  • Underground garages (card access) CZK 3,500/space/month
  • rest zone – roof terrace for common use


  • Sandwich floor LINDNER (height 20-27 cm).
  • 230V/50Hz sockets aren’t installed, the location will be dealt with individually.
  • Ceiling height 3,05 m.
  • Floor loading 400 kg/m2
  • Ventilation of offices (including heat treatment and humidification) solved centrally air handling equipment (AHU).
  • Cooling offices concrete core activation system (BKT modules concreted in ceiling panels).
  • Heat supply is provided by means of radiators (plate radiators).
  • Individual technologies controled by central system MaR
  • Fire system with ceiling or side heads.
  • All offices have EPS system installed with evacuation radio warning.
  • Aluminum windows with thermal and acoustic insulation, triple glazing with safety glass. Regulated blinds on the el. actuator placed between the window and the third glazing. Control manually or from the headquarters (the sensor).
  • Artificial lighting by fluorescent lamps PHILIPS, with grid for PC workplaces excluding glare. The light intensity is automatically adjusted according to daylight (sensor). Casting light switches will be dealt with according to space design.
  • Installed emergency lighting connected to the central battery system.
  • Kitchen – kitchen furniture not included.
  • Square carpet – lessor supply, 500 CZK/m².
  • Open space conception, SDK partitions.