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Technical dataBudova SO 003

Building facilities

  • Security
  • CCTV cameras (entry, outside area)
  • Staircase + 2 lifts
  • Access system to the building and individual storeys – chip card reader, intervideophone

Office space specification

  • Demountable double floor. Boards laid on rubber lining insulating against impact sound. Without top layer.
  • Ceiling height – 2nd storey: corridor 2.6 m, office space 3.5 m
  • Floor loading 400 kg/m².
  • Fire extinguishing system with ceiling sprinklers.
  • Facilities included.
  • 1× prepared kitchenettes on each floor. Kitchen units and appliances not included in the standard.
  • Sandwich ceiling panels with half-sunk edges. Coffers and profiles in white.
  • Triple-glazed aluminium windows with thermal and sound insulation, safety glass and electrical-driven blinds (controlled manually or centrally through sensors).
  • Open space with possible inner division with walls. Inner space division is not included in the standard.
  • Air-conditioning provided with ceiling fan-coil units.
  • Heat supply through heating bodies (panel radiators).
  • Lighting provided with ceiling-sunk lights.
  • Sockets 230 V/50 Hz not installed. Floor boxes shall be located upon tenant’s requirements, one per 10 m² as standard.